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I ADORE Reapersun's drawings, they are the Sherlock and John from the new BBC series, however they have their own identity, Reapersun's been taking requests from fans to draw the couple in funny scenarios, such lovely colors, direct, fluent linework, and real personality, sexy and sweet, JUST GO LOOK.


I hope they make a book of them.

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Aug. 11th, 2011 11:01 am
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Some really nice fanart by unwritten icons here!

love the colour choices, you might not know the fandom, but you can appreciate regardless.

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I love Sherlock and John comics by this artist.

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While researching Kiri-E traditional Japanese paper cutting, I came across this video of a modern Japanese artist Tomoko Shioyasu who takes giant sheets of tracing paper and cuts them with a razor blade from (I believe) the blown up image of a leaf. This creates a giant intricate lacework which is sandwiched between transparent material (probably plexiglass) and when light is shown through the cutting, it transforms the space it is in through light and shadow.

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