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my two fave superheroes in swimsuits (and incidentally both portrayed by Chris Evans on film)

see image without watermark at my Society6 Shop, and you can get this on a shower curtain or snuggly pillow while you are there! :D


Jul. 3rd, 2014 09:06 am
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#2 in a series of Gemstone Meditation Cards with mythological figures by Karadin,

Sapphire features a winged celestial being, holding a cup carved from a single large gemstone, displaying the name ‘Virtus’. (which embodies courage, loyalty and goodness)

The angel holds a crown of laurel leaves made of hammered gold, a symbol of great achievement in art and in learning, and stands for Wisdom. These wreaths were also bestowed upon warriors, with a modern interpretation of overcoming obstacles.

The Sapphire gemstone signifies hope and healing. It is also the birthstone of September.

Items with this image can be purchased at my Society6 Shop

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