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Bead Exchange bracelet.

I invited friends on my journal to send me a bead that they thought represented me, and I would send each of them a bead. (the charms were also gifts) Once I collected all the different beads, (from all over the world!) it was simple to purchase some clear beading elastic and thread on the beads to make a bracelet, you simply tie off the ends with a few knots, adding a few drops of clear nail polish to keep the ends from fraying.

I suspect you could also thread beads onto a cord to make a keychain, or if you had enough, make a necklace. But now it’s fun to wear the bracelet and think of the friends who sent me each one, and the good wishes that came along.

I sent each friend a coloured bead, but also the large faceted black onyx bead for protection.
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I think of doing a SHERLOCK pic the day before RF. So I’m doing that today. Gawd the coffee was awful this morning, I had to mix two blends and forgot one was gingerbread, okay on it’s own.

We have our Deerstalkers (sorry Sherlock Holmes hat) ready.

Oh, PS Ben, Sherlock Girl said, nothing’s wrong with bein smart. So true. Ben, if you’ve ever got a mo, you and I can talk strategies, logistics and weaponry from World War One.

Off to work kids.

PPS - except for maybe posting art tomorrow, I won’t be online, can’t get spoiled before I see ep.

PPPS - friends and I did a bead exchange last year, and I’ve made the bracelet with all the lovelies I was sent, will post that too. :D

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