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Mr. BRAIN - The highlight of my tv viewing (I only watch maybe one or two shows a year) of 2009, in the top 5 best-rated and award winning dramas with a cast and guest stars from Japanese drama and film. Very accessible and enjoyable with English subtitles! Even though the setting is a high-tech foresics lab, it's not a CSI style drama, the main character solves puzzles using his intellect.

Like BBC's Sherlock it's high-production value, stylish, witty, with a cast of interesting characters, difficult puzzles, with great acting and writing. 8 eps, and hopefully one day, they will make more.

Tsukumo Ryusuke (played by superstar Kimura Takuya) is a quirky, brilliant neuroscientist working for the National Research Institute of Police Science Tokyo. Wielding a unique perspective and psychology, going head-to-head with the most brilliant and twisted criminal minds. Yet his eccentricities and poor social timing can also aggravate people and circumstances!

Did I mention GACKT as serial killing cannibal in part 2?
Check steaming and dl here at Dramacrazy

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