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Mix 4 cups bourbon and 2ΒΌ cups sugar in a bowl - allow to sit overnight.
beat 12 large egg yolks until they're sort of a pale yellow, which means you got to beat them a long time.
fold that into the bourbon and sugar and you let that sit a little bit. (a few hours)
Sort of the secret is, sort of, the marination(ph) a little bit in the bourbon.
Beat 8 cups whipping cream until stiff and fold in, cool again for an hour or so.
(serves 20)

southern lifestyle magazine Garden and Gun (no kidding)

Chatham Artillery Punch. That's a 19th century brew cooked up by a regiment that guarded the city of Savannah long ago. Reed says the Chatham Regiment was known for mixing a drink with a kick like a cannon.

A gallon of gin,
a gallon of rye,
a gallon of cognac,
two gallons of rum,
two gallons of Catawba wine
12 quarts of champagne.

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