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Mugs, tees, mousepads, ornaments, hoodies, sweatshirts and more!

Featured: An ultra-lightweight, durable and compact neoprene laptop sleeve with dual zippers. Fits like a glove to avoid scratches, bumps, dust and water with KAGETORA by KARADIN fine art print.

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Dates: December 27 to December 31. http://www.printfection.com/karadin
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17 images, over 40 products, Origami Master is featured on the long sleeve tee in Prairie Dust

Coupon Code: DecFreeShip2011
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Today ONLY December 16
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I've got each synopsis of what I was intending when I made the image under cuts, so view if you like! You can see here at http://karadin.deviantart.com/store/

THREE PIPE PROBLEM - this was the first image I did for the year (that I recall) and to date, it's been my most popular image.Read more... )

TRITON - An image I made previous that I wanted to re-colour in a new style, Read more... )

COMPASSION - the image I created for Japan Aid relief, the disaster was very traumatic for me, because of friends I have there and identification with the culture modern and ancient, Read more... )

FIRESIDE - an erotic image I made to thank SHERLOCK fandom for buying a lot of Compassion postcards, Read more... )

SMOKE BREAK - I love Jeremy Brett as Holmes and I love Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and I can slash em together if I want. :D Read more... )

A STUDY IN TWEED - my version of Jeremy Brett as Holmes, Read more... )

MILK BATH - in many ways the most frustrating picture of this year, I wanted to have modern and canon Sherlock depicted in the wallpaper, Read more... )

RED DRAGON, BLUE PHOENIX, GOLD TIGER - I did the dragon first, as homage to Benedict Cumberbatch being cast as Smaug in the Hobbit,Read more... )

SH SEASONAL CALENDAR - I wanted to do a BIG POSTER I wanted to make images of four characters from Sherlock with a Victorian feel, Read more... )

KAGETORA - I just sold a big print today! I love this pic as it was from a drawing I did years ago, Read more... )

All in all, happy with what I did this year, but I wish I could have made more! Read more... )
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New Burnout Tees! fabric is put through an extensive process to reveal years of weathering and a true vintage worn-in feel, so no two shirts are precisely the same! Available in Men’s and Women’s styles. Customize with 17 images and up to 10 colours to choose from.


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by Karadin
Pencil on paper with chiyogami papers.
Image on prints here http://karadin.deviantart.com/#/d4dmehf
Merch here http://www.printfection.com/karadin/

PLEASE DO NOT REPOST TO OTHER SITES: featured on Artists tumblr at http://karadin.tumblr.com/
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Laptop Cases!

An ultra-lightweight, durable and compact neoprene laptop sleeve with dual zippers. Fits like a glove to avoid scratches, bumps, dust and water. In two sizes! 15" Sleeve: 14.5" x 11.25" and 13" Sleeve: 13.5"" x 10.5"


Round porcelain ornament, with image featured on both sides. Measures 3" diameter, 0.1" thick Glossy finish

Currently 17 images in shop including new KAGETORA image 
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September 1 - Tuesday, September 6 

Sweet Deal Information

Coupon Code: LaborDayTraffic Discount: Free Shipping on Super Saver, Canadian Airmail or International orders with a subtotal of $30+ 

Coupon Code: OhYeahLngWkends Discount: Save $20 on orders with a subtotal of $75+

Please enter coupon code before completing checkout.

Smoke Break by Karadin tote bag at printfection.com


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Public Reception
Edina Art Center
Thursday August 11
(click for large)

Featured Artwork
Compassion by Karadin
for sale framed signed
limited edition print (red border) 1/25
proceeds to Red Cross Japan
*note images are without watermarks

to purchase prints of this artwork
to purchase this image on merchandise
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Artist Karadin
Theme: Gacktway 2 contest - Victorian GACKT
Vest pattern is by Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868 – 1928) in his rose and tears textile pattern (original colours), black embroidery on trousers adapted from Mackintosh rose pattern.
Gauntlets and military boots shiny patent leather. Top hat and top lapels on coat in matching black velvet. Waistcoat Omeshi Silk with jet buttons trimmed in black silk.
Coat in black, midnight blue, and fuschia shot-silk yarn-dyed taffeta. (also called colour changing taffeta because it has an iridescent quality)
Eternity white diamond and white gold cross necklace designed by GACKT 2010
Gackt's borrowed his monocle from me and his riding crop from Sherlock.

(click for large)
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Colour print and Japanese chiyogami papers

Mugs, tees, totes available at

Prints, cards, available at
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Artist Karadin
Media Japanese chiyogami papers and colour print
Model: GACKT
Warnings partial nudity
Crit welcome

Image of Japanese triton - figure with two tails, design based upon Japanese weapons and armor, featuring a 'Horagai' conch shell used in ancient Japan during battle.

(click for large)

find merchandise with this image at
ships international!
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Sooner or later, Gackt was bound to meet Sherlock and John, why? BECAUSE I SAID SO.

Artist Karadin
crossover Gackt x Sherlock
Media Pencil on Paper, Photoshop
Rated PG (some nudity)
Synopsis: Japanese superstar GACKT lives in a house will small versions of himself, roles he has portrayed in games, dramas, films and concerts. Sometimes guests drop by.
DO NOT REPOST, COLOUR OR TRANSLATE without expression permission of artist, thank you.

(click for large)

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