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*Aquamarine has a new brighter border

stuff with these images including totes, wrap around mugs, shower curtains and duvet covers - let me know if you ever want art prints, i can order and sign them before I send them off to you.


Jul. 3rd, 2014 09:06 am
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#2 in a series of Gemstone Meditation Cards with mythological figures by Karadin,

Sapphire features a winged celestial being, holding a cup carved from a single large gemstone, displaying the name ‘Virtus’. (which embodies courage, loyalty and goodness)

The angel holds a crown of laurel leaves made of hammered gold, a symbol of great achievement in art and in learning, and stands for Wisdom. These wreaths were also bestowed upon warriors, with a modern interpretation of overcoming obstacles.

The Sapphire gemstone signifies hope and healing. It is also the birthstone of September.

Items with this image can be purchased at my Society6 Shop
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#1 in a series of Gemstone Meditation Cards with mythological figures by Karadin, Aquamarine features the Welsh God Dylan as a Selkie, holding a crown made of aquamarine gemstones.

Dylan (Dylan ail Don) was a sea god, who in some versions of the story escapes to the sea immediately after birth. The male selkie is rumoured to be very beautiful and seductive.

The aquamarine gemstone is associated with the sea and good luck, fearlessness and protection. It is also the birthstone of May

prints, cards, merch,  avail at my Society6 Shop
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What sizes do you like to use (cards)

would you mind if some cards were horiztonal? (this deck does not have divination readings for being dealt up or down)

would you like a pouch to hold the cards (made of a nice fabric or leather) rather than a box and with extra pockets or secret pockets?

thank you!

any other advice as to weight of cards, varnish, borders vs borderless would be helpful!

right now deck is planned at 12, with at least 10 more to be added for 22 total.

(oh if I hadn't mentioned publicly, my deck consists of images for meditation based on gemstones, figures are male mythologic creatures such as selkies, kitsune, etc of different ethnicities and most probably nude or close to but never explicit, much in line with my recent Valentine) cards are designed as pretty images, and you can get as deep into the layers (symbolism as you like) I'm also doing a line of jewelry around the images, which can consist of the images, or only the gemstones - which you can take on and off necklaces, bracelets and rings according to which stone you feel like using that day.

Aquamarine is the first to be shown, I have the line work done, going to start colouring this weekend, I hope to have all 12 done in time for a calendar in the fall (not to mention the cards)

first 12 stones (may be subject to change)

Aquamarine -
Pearl -
Black Onyx -
Opal -
Imperial Topaz -
Star Sapphire -
Jade -
Moonstone -
Amethyst -
Garnet -
Ruby -

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