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Candle-lite Essential Elements Candles

I pick these up at the local CVS for use in the gallery where I work, (you can find them on sale now - and on Amazon) the scents are created from essential oils in a soy base, good for the enviroment, and not too strong, so I don't have to worry about customers who walk in and are sensitive to perfumes. Right now my fave is Lavender and Cedarwood and Eucalyptus and Cucumber. They burn evenly and last for a long time. They also work well with candle warmers, if you've got pets!

Blackberry & Cassis
Tangerine & Grapefruit
Lavender & Cedarwood
Mahogany & Vetiver
White Mint & Peppercorn
Raspberry & Geranium
Jasmine & Patchouli
Sea Flower & Sand
Ginger & Citrus
Eucalyptus & Cucumber
Vanilla & Sandalwood
Lemongrass & Coriander


(and I get no remuneration or gifts for making recs!)
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Libman Freedom Mop

All my floors are hard surfaces, wood and lino and tile, and it's annoying to clean with a regular mop, sponge ones leave marks, the old fashioned rag mops scratch the wood floors, I've tried steam mops and even vaccum mops, but I picked up this at the grocery store (cheap) and it works better than anything else.
It's got a washable pad that's good for scrubbing, it doesn't scratch the floor, the small bottle container in the handle stores the washing liquid (you can put in anything you want, such as one cleaner for the kitchen and bathroom floor, and Murphy's for the hardwood floors - and if you haven't used all the liquid, just keep it in the bottle no drips so you waste less cleaning fluid and it's ready to go for a quick clean)
push the spray button on the handle to apply to the floor, you use less water and you aren't moving the mop in and out of a bucket of increasingly dirty water.
The head of the mop also swivels so you can clean tight spots, like between fridge and counter or around toilets. And the kids can use it to quickly clean up their own messes (and not make more of a mess) So yeah, recommending this mop if you need one, one of the best things I've ever bought.


and I get no remuneration or gifts for reccing things!

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