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Thank you meme, for giving me so much pleasure.

Please do not repost to other sites.
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You never know what starts off a meme, in this case a startlingly creepy jumper a fan found on Etsy and then decided, hey, John's made of kittens, he'd wear this!

okay, back to work.

Poll time

Sep. 16th, 2011 03:14 pm
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to see these just click the hustlin holmes tag

[Poll #1779081]
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Young Jeremy Brett <3

DO NOT REPOST TO OTHER SITES - thanks, artist has posted elsewhere, including Tumblr.

(might be my swan song on this meme, hope you enjoyed them all!)

You might have to have seen the film to get it. (I was orginally going to have horses come out of starting gate with Sherlock running, but that would have been an animated film not a gif. Took a while to make this one, poor Jeremy Brett was obscured by someone's hat in the original shot and I had to find another image and put him in properly. Also had to animate riding crop with leg movement. But I think this is my fave, if only for how John turned out. Thank you for your wonderfully expressive face Mr. Freeman. :D
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Because these gentlemen are so adorable togetha (London Premiere of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy)

John Hurt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Firth, John Le Carre, Gary Oldman in the Purple Shirt of Awesome (that Sherlock is hunting for)

DO NOT REPOST TO OTHER SITES - thank you, artist has put up on multiple sites including Tumblr.

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DO NOT REPOST TO OTHER SITES - Thanks it's already up at Tumblr

thanks to suddenlyflying who helped me figure out filesize.

(note Sherlock is carrying manuscript of TTSS, which you can see on Bodleian's website. :D
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Artist Karadin
this is my first gif, I might make more!

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I had to do it. (this makes sense if you've been following the Hustlin Holmes meme on tumblr)

my contribution to the Hustlin Holmes meme!
From left to right
Sidney Paget’s Holmes Illustration - William Gillette - Basil Rathbone - Jeremy Brett - Vasiliy Livanov - Robert Downey Jr.- Benedict Cumberbatch!

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