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A unique, one of a kind statement pendant with artwork created by Karadin featuring the angel Castiel rescuing Dean Winchester from Hell.
crafted of polymer clay, faceted glass beads, yellow gems and orange amber accents

See my Etsy for details

Angelic Intervention can be purchased as a print or on mugs, tees
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A statement necklace featuring Dean Winchester and the angel Castiel in Purgatory. Click for larger picture!
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I made these fun and collectible vinyl figurines into cute earrings! Each figure features a chinese symbol on the front and an earth sign on the back. Accented with Czech glass beads and silver findings. (These figures are 'Thunder')

Bok Choy Boys come in many colours and themes, including Fire, Love, etc. I can hunt them down if you have a custom request! Necklaces and Bracelets also available. Choose silver or gold settings.
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Along with my candy wrapper jewelry and Polymer clay art pieces, there are a few origami inspired things, check them out!

(click on image to go to shop)
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Earrings! (click on images to go to my Etsy shop)

ny of these styles can be made into necklaces and bracelets, you can also request gold or silver, and for Dumdums, Starburst and Tootsie roll patterns you can pick any colour combo, mix and match. Don't see your fave candy? I can try and make something up for you - after all, someone has to eat this candy. :D
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Here's just a few new things! There are matching earrings and bracelets to these sets, click images to go to shop.

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another request from my girl, I enjoy how the ombre shaded paper brightens up with the fine glitter varnish. Incidentally, I cut the paper by hand, these are not crafted from pre-made strips, so each piece of jewelry is truly one of a kind.

buy it here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Karadin
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media: japanese origami paper, silver glitter varnish, white pearls, silver findings.

here at my etsy shop
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handcrafted jewelry in polymer clay with artwork commemorating Benedict Cumberbatch in his role of Sherlock Holmes after Reichenbach. Matching earrings available! :D


see artwork at http://karadin.deviantart.com/prints/

artwork on tees, mugs etc. http://www.printfection.com/karadin/
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There is a Blue Phoenix of this image I'm thinking to do in antique silver, for every piece I have to go to the shop and see which embellishments work, some days you get really lucky!

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Here it is! After much experimenting and toil, *MATCHING EARRINGS NOW ADDED!*

I'm going to do other pieces in other styles, so if there is a fave image of mine your want as wearable art, Let me know. :D

Here it is at the Etsy listing:

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