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Yo Yo Ma performed this at the memorial service for the victims of the Boston Marthon bombings, and it's one of my favourite pieces by him, here is his collaboration with Living National Treasure of Japan Bando Tamasaburo V, Kabuki actor.

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Ichikawa Ennosuke IV as Yamato Takeru 'Love and Betrayal'
(Ichikawa Ennosuke IV played Takada Shingen in Fuurin Kazan with Gackt as Uesgui Kenshin)

While the term Super Kabuki now refers to all kabuki performances that combine traditional movement with modern theater technology, ‘Super Kabuki’ is the most famous production of Yamato Takeru, produced by Ennosuke Ichikawa in 1985. The production featured sped-up traditional kabuki acting accompanied by a pre-recorded, modern music background, and also took advantage of the newest advances in stage art, costumes, sound effects, and lighting.

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