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karadin patreon weekly sketch 

Each week I will draw a sketch based on Patron Prompts! This is your only chance to commission something from me! Polling starts at the 5 dollar level.

This month the finish color artwork ‘Lily of the Valley’ was taken from the Patron prompt for Nude Sunbathing.  

(this week we have two sketches because the second is a multifigure historic au)

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 When I first got out of college and was working toward a career as an illustrator, I was concerned about ‘what would sell.’ And believe me, i had a ton of suggestions from friends and family and teachers and clients, but what I liked to draw were male pinups.

Fast forward fifteen years, to when I’m getting invited to show at feminist sci-fi conventions. While people assume that the largest audience I sell to is gay men, it’s women who buy more than anyone else. My spouse sighs at ‘more naked guys’ but a) they sell and b) - more importantly, I love to draw them, and it’s not a difficultly to think up different designs and at the same time push my abilities forward with anatomy or background or coloring, etc.

Steve and Bucky in different versions of their suits, proceeds go to the Center Orlando. FL for LGBTQA rights.

I hated ‘wristing’ for other companies as a day job as an artist, I had no mental creative energy to do my own work, so I found jobs doing design-related work, like interiors, floral design, a production designer, and now I work in an art gallery .

Now at this gallery i met an artist who makes fairy wings, (x) and the people at the gallery scoffed at what she makes (and what I make too to be honest, not in a mean way, but you know, thinking we could use our obvious skills to do more ‘serious’ work) but Doo said to me, “I used to make all kinds of art, I did the art crawls, the shows, and nothing sold, but I make the wings and people LOVE them.” She has a shop out at our Renaissance Fair and can make enough in a summer to live on all year, and she just branched out to the Pride Festival.

She tells me I could sell a ton at the Ren Fest too, but I don’t think the superhero pinups would be the thing for that locale (the gallery has taught me that you have to have the right item at the right venue), while I do some ‘fantasy’ art  the pinups are the thing I want to do now. 

I guess the point is, make what makes you happy, you can do anything else, but you won’t be happy, you won’t like what you make. Who cares if it’s fanart based, or something you think is strange and no one will get it, with a worldwide audience online, there is someone out there who will dig your work, so get it out there. Be yourself.

The other suggestion is, you have to spend at least as much time promoting as you do creating these days. People’s attention spans are short and often they consume your art in a glance, with no need to buy an art print, but they will grab a tee shirt or a mug (or if you are lucky, a bodypillowcase)  


https://society6.com/karadin  for merch

https://www.etsy.com/shop/Karadin for male pinups on bodypillowcases

Doo’s Wingalings http://www.thebeardedpixie.com/

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my two fave superheroes in swimsuits (and incidentally both portrayed by Chris Evans on film)

see image without watermark at my Society6 Shop, and you can get this on a shower curtain or snuggly pillow while you are there! :D
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Girl very happy with these, I'm gonna make a choker. :D

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NEW! AMERICAN APPAREL at Karadin’s Printfection Shop - SALE! till March 21

long sleeve, ringer tees, alternative, destroyed, hoodies, burnout, etc.

Coupon Code: NewAAMerch $10 off an order $40+
Coupon Code: MoreNewAAMerch $20 off an order $75+
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All prints, posters, calendars, postcards, etc. 14% off until Feb 15!

Gold Tiger (Benedict Cumberbatch as Peter Guillam) featured artwork (one of three versions, also Benedict as Sherlock Holmes, Benedict as Smaug)

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Some S/J lightheartedness always welcome! (I hope)

(NOW 15% off all canvas, fine art, photo prints and calendars here until Jan 30)

This image on tees, hoodies, mugs, mousepads, etc,
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I have decided to take commissions this year, however to make them worth doing, images begin at $150 USD for a black and white drawing of one character, please contact me for specifics on more than one character and full colour.
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All Fine Art Prints 15% off!

Sale ends Jan 9th. Deviant Art ships International and accepts PayPal

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25% off ALL PRODUCTS in Karadin’s Print Shop from now until Dec 30

Includes the SH Seasonal Calendar for 2012 large poster (image above is one of the four single season prints featuring the World’s Only Consulting Detective with Victorian Language of Flowers and Trees imagery.)

fine art prints, wrapped canvas, magnets, photo prints, cards as well as Karadin’s 12 month spiral bound wall Calendar with 15 images.

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(All I want for Christmas is Two Holmeses)

FREE SHIPPING FRIDAY! Karadin’s shop - photo prints, fine art prints, wrapped canvas, cards and magnets.


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