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THREE FOR TWO PRINT SALE at Karadin’s Print Shop!

Buy two prints (fine art, photos, postcards, calendars and get the third free! * Expires Mar. 28, 2012 http://karadin.deviantart.com/prints/

Featured Image: Blue Phoenix by Karadin (Sherlock Holmes - one of three designs featuring Benedict Cumberbatch)
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NEW! AMERICAN APPAREL at Karadin’s Printfection Shop - SALE! till March 21

long sleeve, ringer tees, alternative, destroyed, hoodies, burnout, etc.

Coupon Code: NewAAMerch $10 off an order $40+
Coupon Code: MoreNewAAMerch $20 off an order $75+
Coupon Code: LotsNewAAMerch $35 off an order $100+

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have a pressie from me. :D Everything tees, mugs, sweaters, laptop cases, aprons on sale!

Featured artwork Smoke Break with Brett and Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. Ultra Cotton tee Available in our widest variety of sizes from Kids XS - Adult 5XL (in 31select colors).

Coupon Code: GiftsforMe Discount: $10 off an order $40+
Coupon Code: GiftsforYou Discount: $20 off an order $75+
Coupon Code: GiftsforAll Discount: $35 off an order $100+

Sale Ends February 21st http://www.printfection.com/karadin
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KARADIN PRINTFECTION SHOP SALE Tees, Mugs, Hoodies, IPad cases, etc,
ends Feb 7 http://www.printfection.com/karadin/

Coupon Code: Premium$10 $10 off all orders over $40+
Coupon Code: Premium$25 $25 off all orders over $100+

KARADIN PRINT SHOP SALE Fine Art prints, calenders, posters all 20% off
ends Feb 3 http://karadin.deviantart.com/prints/

featured artwork - Memento Mori for the Great Detective
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Some S/J lightheartedness always welcome! (I hope)

(NOW 15% off all canvas, fine art, photo prints and calendars here until Jan 30)

This image on tees, hoodies, mugs, mousepads, etc,
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Each figure represents a specific area of London, with symbols of flowers and trees from the Victorian Language of Flowers according to the season. Available as a large poster print, and individual prints.
(please do not repost to other sites, thank you!)

SALE 15% off all prints/cards and calendars until Jan 15

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All Fine Art Prints 15% off!

Sale ends Jan 9th. Deviant Art ships International and accepts PayPal

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Mugs, tees, mousepads, ornaments, hoodies, sweatshirts and more!

Featured: An ultra-lightweight, durable and compact neoprene laptop sleeve with dual zippers. Fits like a glove to avoid scratches, bumps, dust and water with KAGETORA by KARADIN fine art print.

Coupon Code: NewYear$10 - $10 off all orders over $50.00
Coupon Code: NewYear$25 - $25 off all orders over $100.00

Dates: December 27 to December 31. http://www.printfection.com/karadin
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Canvas Full-Zip Hoodie A comfortable super-soft 100% combed ringspun cotton, all season perfect fit fleece. Featuring A Study in Tweed image - pocket sized on front, full sized on back , choose from up to six colours - Navy shown.

Also available New Alternative Unisex Zip Hoodie featuring popular distressed ripple pattern with brushed nickel zipper.

SALE from Today to Dec 23

Code Big$5 Discount: $5 off all orders over $50.00
Code Big$10 Discount: $10 off all orders over $75.00
Code Big$20 Discount: $20 off all orders over $100.00

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17 images, over 40 products, Origami Master is featured on the long sleeve tee in Prairie Dust

Coupon Code: DecFreeShip2011
Discount: Free Standard Shipping all orders over $50.00

Today ONLY December 16
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25 % off all PRINTS SALE!
All prints are on sale (which includes photo prints, wrapped canvas, cards, postcards, magnets - including my 2012 calendar with 15 images!

Featured: SH Seasonal Calendar poster with Sherlock Holmes characters in Victorian London, flowers and trees in the Victorian Language of Flowers.

International shipping - Paypal accepted!
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MILK BATH on the New Cool-Dri Shirt

For chasing cabs down London Streets, wicks moisture away from body; rapid dry interlock fabric; tag-free label and contemporary fit. Men and Women’s styles, 17 images and up to 7 colours to choose from.

FREE SHIPPING until Dec 7!
Coupon Code: 2011SuperFree Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $20
Coupon Code: 2011StandardFree Free Standard Shipping on orders over $50

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Save $20 off all sales over $50! 17 images on over 40 products in dozens of colours and styles.

Coupon Code: NoLines2011
Sale Ends Wednesday, November 21


*NOW SUPER SAVER SHIPPING REDUCED on ornaments, coasters and hats!*
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Coupon Code: Likeit2011 $5 off all orders over $30.00
Coupon Code: Loveit2011 $10 off all orders over $50.00

Sale runs Nov 11 - Nov 14

featured Blue Phoenix on crewneck sweatshirt in purple
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15% off if you spend $50 or more Today through Nov. 11

Includes Fine Art Prints, Photo Prints and Wrapped Canvas, as well as Calendars, Magnets and more. The shop ships International and accepts Paypal!


NEW in the shop: Kagetora and Fireside (S+J)


Nov. 5th, 2011 08:17 pm
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All fine art prints now 20% off at my Deviant Art store! Giclée on Premium Matte Paper. (such as TRITON above)

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20% off all Prints
*also includes 12 month 2012 calendar (with 15 images)

just use code FRIGHT before checkout!

sale ends Monday Oct 31st at 11:59pm California time.
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Dates: Today, October 27th - November 3rd
while you are there check out the new image KAGETORA as well as new products, ornaments and laptop cases! Please enter coupon codes before completing checkout.

Coupon Code: NoExcuse
Discount: Save $10 off an order with a subtotal of $50+

Coupon Code: PFLuvsU
Discount: Save $30 off an order with a subtotal of $100+

LINK http://www.printfection.com/karadin/
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September 1 - Tuesday, September 6 

Sweet Deal Information

Coupon Code: LaborDayTraffic Discount: Free Shipping on Super Saver, Canadian Airmail or International orders with a subtotal of $30+ 

Coupon Code: OhYeahLngWkends Discount: Save $20 on orders with a subtotal of $75+

Please enter coupon code before completing checkout.

Smoke Break by Karadin tote bag at printfection.com


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