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Mini Red Floral Origami Earrings - by Karadin.

more designs (including a gold version of this )at my Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/Karadin
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Girl very happy with these, I'm gonna make a choker. :D

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You can pick any pattern and colour you wish in a custom order. these stretch elastic bracelets are easy to get on and off, lightweight with the appearance of cloisenne (enameled gold metalwork.) with Swarovski vintage gold pearls and Czech glass beads.

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I was just saying it's somewhat addictive, making this stuff.

I'm not going to spam you with new items, but I have three up in my Etsy shop if you want to view, gold embossed papers in the new flat rounds, a really fun stretch bracelet and earrings in tangerine and lime (that are supposed to be 'the colour' this year according to Pantone)



Feb. 27th, 2012 03:45 pm
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this passed the daughter test. ' These are mine, if anyone wants one, you have to make more.'

haha, just noticed the typo.


Feb. 26th, 2012 11:39 am
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Since you've asked! I've been working on more types of origami beads, here are samples of the flat rounds (19mm 3/4inch) in a cute bunny motif for spring and in deep rose gold embossed. And the ball (15mm) all sealed with a fine glitter varnish to make them water resistant.

(click for large)

hope you like them! :D
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Since I saw the gold chiyogami papers, I've wanted to make these. :D

You can see custom colours here:
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These are from inventory, so they will remain at this price until sold. I accept Paypal, and personal checks (though you have to wait until they clear before I can ship items) I also ship International USPS.

Cost of shipping in US is $3.00 in cardboard box, earrings mounted on cards as shown and enclosed in bubble wrap. Shipping International starts at $5.00 USD and goes up.

Red Blossom pair
Pink and Blue pair
Midori pair

have been sold.
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I like these so much, and I don't even have pierced ears. PS - The paper has a subtle striped finish of two colours, blue-green, blue-white, etc. so no peacocks will be the same.

$14 USD a pair for LJ peeps.
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Done and done.

Here you can see the pendant I've made, she wanted a larger pearl on the bottom.

Soon I'm going to have the jewelry made of gold embossed chiyogami papers with gold pearls with gold fittings. These are going to go for a bit more, but if you purchase any of the gold from when they debut through March, proceeds will go to the Japanese Red Cross for disaster relief. (part of the Gackt Army fundraiser Ganbatte Nihon)
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Tthese are going out the door as fast as I make them, but that's fine, still fun to make. And this combo of colours from my custom list turned out better than I thought.

(bracelets are for 7" wrist - take a piece of string around your wrist, then measure, but most designs are easy to expand for larger wrist sizes.)

Also working on pendants, will show those soon.
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I have to admit, the Tangerine is now my favourite, perhaps because it is winter where I am now.

I made these for my sister who will only wear black!

For LJ friends and watchers

bracelets are $15 USD (small fits a wrist 7 inches)
3 heart earrings are $10 USD
2 heart earrings are $8 USD
single heart earrings are $8 USD
shipping is additional, allow at least one to two weeks for fabrication. Jewelry is water resistant but not water-proof
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pity the pads of my poor fingers from folding bits of paper all day, but it's worth it.

let me know if you'd like me to make you something. :D
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The last two years I’ve made origami ornaments as card gifts, these are made from Japanese chiyogami paper, a bit of extra fine glitter, snowflake toppers and cord for hanging. The eight-sided trees slide out of the cards so they can be fluffed up or they can free-stand. The cards attached are also hand-made from chiyogami paper. I made 40 this year! (whew)

Hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are!
(trees when opened)


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