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All prints, posters, calendars, postcards, etc. 14% off until Feb 15!

Gold Tiger (Benedict Cumberbatch as Peter Guillam) featured artwork (one of three versions, also Benedict as Sherlock Holmes, Benedict as Smaug)

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Done and done.

Here you can see the pendant I've made, she wanted a larger pearl on the bottom.

Soon I'm going to have the jewelry made of gold embossed chiyogami papers with gold pearls with gold fittings. These are going to go for a bit more, but if you purchase any of the gold from when they debut through March, proceeds will go to the Japanese Red Cross for disaster relief. (part of the Gackt Army fundraiser Ganbatte Nihon)
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The last two years I’ve made origami ornaments as card gifts, these are made from Japanese chiyogami paper, a bit of extra fine glitter, snowflake toppers and cord for hanging. The eight-sided trees slide out of the cards so they can be fluffed up or they can free-stand. The cards attached are also hand-made from chiyogami paper. I made 40 this year! (whew)

Hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are!
(trees when opened)

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September 1 - Tuesday, September 6 

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Smoke Break by Karadin tote bag at printfection.com


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Last of a series of three images with Benedict Cumberbatch as the model
Artist Karadin
Media Four colour print with Chiyogami papers

This image available as a print from

And on mugs tees, etc, at

jewelry with this image at
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Artist Karadin
Media Japanese chiyogami papers and colour print
Model: GACKT
Warnings partial nudity
Crit welcome

Image of Japanese triton - figure with two tails, design based upon Japanese weapons and armor, featuring a 'Horagai' conch shell used in ancient Japan during battle.

(click for large)

find merchandise with this image at
ships international!

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