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Here's just a few new things! There are matching earrings and bracelets to these sets, click images to go to shop.

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I've got each synopsis of what I was intending when I made the image under cuts, so view if you like! You can see here at http://karadin.deviantart.com/store/

THREE PIPE PROBLEM - this was the first image I did for the year (that I recall) and to date, it's been my most popular image.Read more... )

TRITON - An image I made previous that I wanted to re-colour in a new style, Read more... )

COMPASSION - the image I created for Japan Aid relief, the disaster was very traumatic for me, because of friends I have there and identification with the culture modern and ancient, Read more... )

FIRESIDE - an erotic image I made to thank SHERLOCK fandom for buying a lot of Compassion postcards, Read more... )

SMOKE BREAK - I love Jeremy Brett as Holmes and I love Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and I can slash em together if I want. :D Read more... )

A STUDY IN TWEED - my version of Jeremy Brett as Holmes, Read more... )

MILK BATH - in many ways the most frustrating picture of this year, I wanted to have modern and canon Sherlock depicted in the wallpaper, Read more... )

RED DRAGON, BLUE PHOENIX, GOLD TIGER - I did the dragon first, as homage to Benedict Cumberbatch being cast as Smaug in the Hobbit,Read more... )

SH SEASONAL CALENDAR - I wanted to do a BIG POSTER I wanted to make images of four characters from Sherlock with a Victorian feel, Read more... )

KAGETORA - I just sold a big print today! I love this pic as it was from a drawing I did years ago, Read more... )

All in all, happy with what I did this year, but I wish I could have made more! Read more... )

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