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The veteran WB/CW series is poised to return for Season 10 — and possibly beyond, network president Mark Pedowitz told reporters Wednesday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

“As a fan of the show, who’s seen every episode, as long as I’m here and those [ratings] still hold, God bless them,” said Pedowitz. “They can go as long as they want.”

After the session, Pedowitz revealed that he expects to receive the script for the Supernatural spin-off backdoor pilot later this week.

Other takeaways from The CW’s exec session:

* The network has acquired the four-hour miniseries Labyrinth, starring John Hurt, Sebastian Stan, Jessica Brown-Findlay and Tom Felton.
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Now Cas has died three times. The first was at the hands of Raphael when Cas assisted the Winchesters in trying to stop Lucifer from rising.

Cas was brought back and decided to keep helping Sam and Dean, and he began his ‘Fall’ to earth, discovering a bit about what it was to be human. The second time he died was at the hands of Lucifer.

Cas was brought back, but this time, he climbed up to perhaps Archangel status in terms of power. It was his decision to once again, help Sam and Dean by keeping Raphael from re-booting the Apocalypse. And this time, he discovered a bit about what it was to be God-like. The third time he died he was torn apart by the Leviathans.

Cas came back once more and took on Sam’s mortal pain which drove him around the bend, it is now that he mentions to Dean that his Resurrections are a sort of punishment because ‘they keep getting worse’. To me he’s more evolving than being punished, (as it was his decisions that lead to his betrayal of Sam and Dean, not something enforced upon him from an outside source)

It is interesting to me that Cas was his most angelic in Hell, where he met and rescued Dean. Cas was the most devilish in Heaven, where he took on a civil war and then became the new ‘Boss.’ So it will be interesting to be where Cas goes now he’s in Purgatory, not human, or god, perhaps he’s inventing a new sort of angel, a new sort of heaven, hell and earth with the Winchesters.
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While we wait for MISHA/Castiel/Jimmy/Dean’s Boyfriend-Lover, Leviathan, Emmanuel, to get back on Supernatural.

(Jackie Wilson - Lonely Teardrops)

Just Give Me Another Chance
For our Romance
Come On And Tell Me
That One Day You’ll Return
Cause Everyday That You’ve Been Gone Away
You’ll Know Why My Heart Does Nothing But Burn
Lonely Teardrops
My pillows never dry
Lonely Teardrops
Come Home, Come Home
Just Say You Will, Say You Will (Say You Will)
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So, I was thinking, why did they give Cass a wife?

Right now, in the show, Cass, having been resurrected after being torn apart by the Leviathans, wakes up without his memories in the woods, where a woman (led by God) goes to rescue him and they become man and wife. When Cass meets up with Dean and the demon Meg joins them, his memories come back.
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