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HUNTERS AND HALOS Team Logo - here is the logo for our kickass Gishwhes Team, if you want this image on tees, bags, shower curtains! all artist proceeds benefit The Random Act charity.

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art Karadin, no apologies (click image for large)

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Saint George and the Dragon by Karadin - conceptual art, what if George saved the Dragon? Jensen Ackles as the Knight, Benedict Cumberbatch as the Dragon
pencil, coloured in photoshop.

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Prints, Framed Art, http://society6.com/karadin

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challenge: make a romance novel cover featuring Misha Collins and the Queen of England. I went with a vintage look, hopefully that makes it stand out.

challenge: make a team uniform. Our team name is Wild Drunken Angels (Minnesota) and Moosekateers (Wisconsin) so we combined the drunk Castiel with Sam (in his fandom Moose persona) and used the colours of purple and gold (MN) and green and gold (WI) we are getting shirts made and adding the logo to our contributions.  BTW, Sassy is the fandom name for the Sam -Castiel pair. And hugs are the theme this year!

TEES, PILLOWS, CASES, ETC. at my Society6 Shop For The RANDOM ACT!
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Supernatural AU Castiel and Dean.


Thanks kids! whew!
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SUPERNATURAL HEROES Comic by Karadin - Movie Nite
A Domestic evening in the Bunker with Sam, Dean, Charlie, Kevin and Castiel
*ode to Jiffy Pop Popcorn as seen in SPN season eight. (link takes you to larger copy)

SUPERNATURALHEROES is a Supernatural Parody/AU by Karadin, images and story copyright Karadin 2013 all rights reserved

Come to the supernaturalheroes ask blog on tumblr! For more images and backstory!

pencil on paper, colour and textures in PS
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Costume designs for Sam, Dean and Cas are up.

exposure to the Croatoan Virus gave Dean, Sam, Castiel, Kevin and Charlie extraordinary abilities, through circumstance they met and decided to band together to try to find a cure, and to use their abilities to help people. The Croatoan Virus was engineered, but no one knows who created it. It is highly lethal.

Sam and Dean’s father John was exposed to the Virus while in the military, and when the family discovered their young sons had inherited and mutated the virus, they went on the run. Mary, their mother, died in mysterious explosion when Sam was just six months old.

Dean Winchester (Shockwave) can create sonic blasts which can penetrate (and destroy) solids, liquids, gases, plasma, as well as electromagnetic fields, and his powers, along with those of his brother Sam are the most volatile, it took them awhile to control them.

Sam Winchester (Infernus) can induce thermal runaway in the space around him and cause almost anything (and anyone) to spontaneously combust. He has developed both a wider range to his power and a finer control than Dean.

Castiel Novak (Seraph) has the ability to warp matter around him into wormholes, folding space to travel great distances in seconds, he may also warp time within a very narrow area around himself, which can give the appearance of spontaneous healing. Castiel does have medical training, which comes in handy.

Kevin (the Prophet) has the ability to read thoughts and has some precognition (ability to see the future) as well as reach someone in their dreams, but each time he uses his ability - it drains him, so he needs time to recover. As a child he studied gymnastics, and is training with Sam in martial arts.

Charlie (Majesty) has some of Castiel and Dean’s abilities to disrupt electromagnetic fields which allows her to cloak herself in some instances (making herself invisible) before she was intentionally exposed to the Virus - she was already a talented computer hacker, and had a genius for tactics in role and game playing. Unlike the boys, she didn’t select a hero name directly connected to her ability, but adopted it from her gaming indentity.

Read more... )

REVELATION: A Religious Cult set to bring about the Apocalypse
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Artist Karadin
Medium pencil and PS
rating G
warnings none

backstory and more character sketches here

*And yeah, Dean bitches that the name should be Inferno instead, Sam "It's LATIN Dean."
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Artist Karadin
Medium pencil and PS
rating G
warnings none

backstory and more character sketches here
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Artist Karadin
Medium Pencil edited in PS
Rating G
Warnings none

DEAN Supernatural Superhero AU - Shockwave concept design by Karadin - the rest of Team Free Will - Sam, Cas, Charlie and Kevin on the way!
many thanks to Dean (hotwings) Grayson for the inspiration

(I haven't posted sketches in years but I'm gonna start doing so, if only to motivate me to produce more.)

ask tumblr on this verse!
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Artist Karadin
Medium polymer clay, art print, art glass beads, gold chain
Rating General Audiences
Note: proceeds from these items go to CurePity.org, non-profit Gillette Children's Speciality Healthcare, where the artist's son receives occupational therapy

Images of Sam (Compassion) Dean (Loyalty) Castiel (Sacred Love) feature specific tattoos and names in Enocian in their halos, with triple wings of archangels.

see more detail here: http://etsy.com/shop/Karadin
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A unique, one of a kind statement pendant with artwork created by Karadin featuring the angel Castiel rescuing Dean Winchester from Hell.
crafted of polymer clay, faceted glass beads, yellow gems and orange amber accents

See my Etsy for details

Angelic Intervention can be purchased as a print or on mugs, tees
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click to get to my etsy shop to see detail, thanks!
(PS all proceeds from these go to CurePity.org, Gillette Childrens Speciality Healthcare)
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got some stuff from the shop, the travel mug has already been claimed by spouse, but I'm really happy with the quality, the colours are really true to the originals and nice detail. :D

click on image for link!
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Sam and Dean drive an Impala

In a world of Eternal Damnation

Take a look

And you’ll see

Into Kripke’s imagination

You begin in spn

With a fire (and childhood trauma)

to grab your attention

What you’ll see will defy explanation

If you want to view paradise (purgatory and hell)

bring some salt and your shotgun

do you research on the monster and kill it

Go on save the world

A Winchester would do it

There is no show I know

To compete with Supernatural’s brand of misery

but Wednesday nights

that is where

I truly

wish to be
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A statement necklace featuring Dean Winchester and the angel Castiel in Purgatory. Click for larger picture!
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Another submission for GISHWHES!  by ME. :D

PLEASE DO NOT REPOST without permission, image copyright GISHWHES
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I'm new to SPN fandom, just started making some artworks, you can find them here
and at
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‘Sherlock Kids’ play Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural this year.

images copyright Karadin, all rights reserved.

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