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stars sparkle down smiles
fullness of what is to come
moment eternal

Eileen Manassian Ghali
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Awake at night--
the sound of the water jar
cracking in the cold.

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The night is clear,
the moon shines calmly,
the wind in the pines
is like a lyre's song.
With no I and no other
who hears the sound?
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Home in the valley
Home in the city
Home isn't pretty
Ain't no home for me

Home in the darkness
Home on the highway
Home isn't my way
Home will never be

Burn out the day
Burn out the night
I can't see no reason to put up a fight
I'm living for giving the devil his due

And I'm burning, I'm burning, I'm burning for you

Gif:Mostly10 tumblr
Lyrics: Blue Oyster Cult
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How does it feel
To treat me like you do
When you’ve laid laid your hands upon me
And told me who you are

I thought I was mistaken
I thought I heard your words
Tell me how do I feel
Tell me now how do I feel

Those who came before me
Lived through their vocations
From the past until completion
They will turn away no more

And I still find it so hard
To say what I need to say
But I’m quite sure that you’ll tell me
Just how I should feel today

I see a ship in the harbor
I can and shall obey
But if it wasn’t for your misfortunes
I’d be a heavenly person today

And I thought I was mistaken
And I thought I heard you speak
Tell me how do I feel
Tell me now how should I feel

Now I stand here waiting

I thought I told you to leave me
While I walked down to the beach
Tell me how does it feel
When your heart grows cold

New Order
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Falling in love again
Never wanted to
What am I to do?
I can't help it

Love's always been my game
Play it how I may
I was made that way
I can't help it

People cluster to me
Like moths around a flame
And if their wings burn
I know I'm not to blame

Falling in love again
Never wanted to
What am I to do?
I just can't help it

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I fall to pieces each time I see you again
I fall to pieces, how can I be just your friend
You want me to act like we've never kissed
You want me to forget, pretend we've never met
And I've tried and I've tried but I haven't yet
You walk by and I fall to pieces

I fall to pieces each time someone speaks your name
I fall to pieces time only adds to the flame
You tell me to find someone else to love
Someone who'll love me, too, the way you used to do
But each time I go out with someone new
You walk by and I fall to pieces

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There's a world where I can go
And tell my secrets to
In my room
In my room

In this world I lock out
All my worries and my fears
In my room
In my room

Do my dreaming and my scheming lie awake and pray
Do my crying and my sighing laugh at yesterday

Now it's dark and I'm alone
But I won't be afraid
In my room

Brian Wilson
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The spring rain
must have penetrated
through the leaves
to feed the crystal spring

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Pull up your head off the floor, come up screaming.
Cry out for everything you ever might have wanted.
I thought that pain and truth were things that really mattered
But you can't stay here with every single hope you had shattered.
I'm not expecting to grow flowers in the desert,
But I can live and breathe and see the sun in wintertime
In a big country dreams stay with you
like a lover's voice across the mountainside
Stay Alive.

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I have stood here before inside the pouring rain

With the world turning circles running ‘round my brain

I guess I’m always hoping that you’ll end this reign

But it’s my destiny to be the king of pain


gifcredit ohmylokitumblr
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For a moment
he became smoke
How intimate
the cloudy sky

Izumi Shikubu
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Oh, where have you been, my blue-eyed son ?
And where have you been my darling young one ?
I’ve stumbled on the side of twelve misty mountains
I’ve walked and I’ve crawled on six crooked highways
I’ve stepped in the middle of seven sad forests
I’ve been out in front of a dozen dead oceans
I’ve been ten thousand miles in the mouth of a graveyard
And it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard, and it’s a hard
It’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall.

Bob Dylan
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I’ve traveled

the dark path to the world

which comes down from this mountain

just to see you

one last time

Izumi Shikibu
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gif ragingcanadiantumblr

Through the years
I’ve become used to sorrow
there was not one spring
I didn’t leave behind
the flowers

Izumi Shikubu
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I used up this body
for one who does not come
A deep valley, now
what once was my heart

Izumi Shikibu
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It was with awe
that I beheld fresh leaves
green leaves
bright in the sun.

Matsuo Basho
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I bless the day I found you
I want to stay around you
And so I beg you, let it be me

Don't take this heaven from one
If you must cling to someone
Now and forever, let it be me

Each time we meet love
I find complete love
Without your sweet love
what would life be?

So never leave me lonely
Tell me you love me only
And that you'll always let it be me

Kurtz, Manny
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If in an autumn field
a hundred flowers
can untie their streamers
may I not openly frolic
as fearless of blame?

Ono no Komachi
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All the flowers
have fallen in this wind
blowing them through the night
what will there be
for consolation tomorrow?

Izumi Shikubu

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